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Firearms Recovery Service



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Firearms Recovery Service works with the FBI, ATF, State Police, Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement to recover lost or stolen firearms. When a firearm is recovered and released we secure it on the insurance carrier's behalf. Ownership is then transferred to us from the carrier who receives the sales proceeds while incurring no liability.

We sell all recovered firearms at retail and do not charge the insurance carrier any fees until the item is sold.

what WE DO


We recapture your loss dollars and return them to you.

Salvage Recovery

We provide he Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value that guarantee a fair settlement.


We are a manufacturer, wholesaler and full retail service that provide preferred pricing and local delivery to your insureds. 

Appraisal Service

Firearms Recovery Service provides both the current Blue Book value and current market value (based on actual LKQ firearms for sale) on all appraisals. The firearms market is volatile; relying on Blue Book or retail store values results in inflated settlements. Upon request, we work with the insured to replace the lost item at a best value price. Our goal is to make this part of the claim handling process as easy as possible for both the insured and the adjuster while controlling cost and maximizing recovery. 


There are many different appraisals types. The three most common are:  

Photo Appraisal

Firearms Recovery Service works with the insured to secure the necessary photos and information needed to complete the appraisal. The photos required vary greatly depending on the firearm and its features. At a minimum we need:

  • an overview photo of both sides of the firearm

  • clear photo(s) showing the model and serial number

  • a photo of the grips or stock, scopes and accessories

  • photos of any imperfection(s)

  • photos showing the condition of the metal

Survey Appraisal

Firearms Recovery Service contacts the insured or their representative to collect the necessary information to determine what the item was, the condition, and any specialty items or accessories that influence the value.


Hands-on Appraisal 

Firearms Recovery Service contacts the insured or their representative to arrange shipping of the firearm for our hands-on inspection. In a situation where there are a large number of firearms, the insurance carrier can request that we send an appraiser to perform an inventory and appraisal on-site.

Salvage Recovery Service

Many carriers do not have a safe, liability-free way of recovering the salvage value of firearms. Regardless of whether they are stolen or damaged and a settlement for replacement is made, Firearms Recovery Service is able to assist in the settlement and salvage recovery process. We are the only nationally licensed firearms manufacturer, dealer, appraisal and recovery service with over 30 years’ experience recouping the salvage value of current, collectible, antique or custom-made firearms. We market these items at full retail. Because we receive a commission of the sale price we are motivated to get the maximum salvage value every time.


Upon receipt of a request for salvage recovery, Firearms Recovery Service contacts the person or entity that has possession of the firearm(s) and completes a review to determine the salvage potential. In the rare case that there is no salvage value, we inform the insurer to ask if the items should be secured and destroyed or abandoned.


When there is a salvage value, we secure the firearm(s), complete a safety inspection, and perform gun-smithing as needed to enhance the recovery amount. The item(s) are then placed for sale at full retail in our facilities. If they do not sell within thirty days, they are sold at a gun auction. From start to finish the salvage recovery cycle time is typically less than 45 days.  


If the item is of significant value, such as specialty, collectible or rare firearms, we work with specialty sellers and auction houses to maximize the recovery value. The sale of these items can take up to 90 days to complete.

In the event the adjuster has secured the item, we will send a recovery package including all the needed paperwork and a self-addressed FedEx box. Firearms Recovery Service guarantees NO negative recoveries. If we are not able to provide a positive recovery, we absorb all fees and expenses.  

In many cases where law enforcement is involved in the recovery of stolen firearms, the recovery process can take weeks, months or even years. Firearms Recovery Service has experience working with the FBI, ATF, State Police and local law enforcement to secure the property rights for the insurer. Depending on the size of the loss and the complexity of the case, law enforcement will not release the evidence until the case and appeals are complete. Even through lengthy recoveries, we have been successful in recovering tens of thousands of dollars for the carrier.

Replacement Service

If the insured desires a replacement firearm, we will work directly with them to fulfill this request. For an item that is currently available, we provide  the replacement from a local dealer for your insured at significant discounts. If the firearm is no longer produced, we will locate a replacement that is of LKQ value. In the case of a collectible, specialty, or rare firearm, we have a network of collectors and specially dealers. The insured is responsible for any upgrades.



This was too easy and we recovered 70% of what we paid the insured!

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